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Bali Babymoon 

Couples Retreat

Embrace Tranquility, Strengthen Bonds: Protect your Relationship in the Transition to Parenthood.

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Strengthen your relationship in the transition to parenthood.  

Becoming a parent can be both wonderful and enormously challenging. Research indicates that 2/3 couples  experience a significant drop in relationship satisfaction within the first 3 years of parenting. But it doesn't have to be this way. There are skills and strategies you can learn to protect and strengthen your relationship as you transition to parenthood.  

Imagine if you could learn strategies to strengthen your relationship during this important transition, in a relaxed, luxurious, sun-filled oasis....
Leisurely days spent by the pool, taking romantic walks along the beach, savouring delicious food, enjoying soothing massages, and relishing in the indulgence of 5-course meals. Your Bali Babymoon Couples Retreat offers the perfect escape, allowing you to prioritise your well-being and give your relationship the nourishment and undivided attention it truly deserves, before baby arrives.

The perfect balance of learning essential skills and strategies to strengthen your relationship, while providing opportunities for shared experiences and creating lifelong memories. Our Babymoon Couples Retreats empower you with the information, tools, and proven strategies needed to protect your relationship as you move into parenthood. This is your chance to not only relax and reconnect, but also enjoy intimate conversations in a confidential setting, fostering deep connection and understanding.

NOTE: Although other couples will attend the relationship master classes you will not be disclosing personal information in this setting and all interactive activities will be completed privately. 

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Bali Babymoon Couples Retreats 2023 

Friday 20th - Tuesday 24th October 2023
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4 nights in your own private villa with your very own pool! In the heart of Canngu, Theanna Villa is your own Bali oasis. 

Daily Breakfast

Daily Breakfast poolside at Theanna's onsite restaurant. Includes option of one floating breakfast served in your villa.

Daily Lunch or Dinner

Includes 5 course dinner, traditional Balinese celebratory meal and more!

Daily Masterclasses

Daily Masterclasses with Dr Katie Stirling where you will learn all the tools and techniques needed for the transition to parenthood.

Daily Couple Interactives

Just the 2 of you. You will have the opportunity to integrate the skills and strategies you've learnt.

Carefully Curated Activities

Enjoy a range of activities designed to enhance connection and intimacy and inject your relationship with fun, joy and laughter!

Retreat Booklet

Filled with everything you'll learn on retreat and your personal reflections to look back on in years to come.  

Relationship Box

Relationship gift pack - everything you need to get the most out of your retreat and your relationship!

Ongoing Learning

12 months access to our online Shift Communication Masterclass.

Retreat Fee: 
  $4900 USD  

Invest in Your Relationship's Future. Secure Your Spot Today. 

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