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Couples Therapy Retreats

Welcome to Stirling couples counselling retreats, with Dr Katie Stirling, Certified Gottman Couples Therapist and Clinical Psychologist.

Exclusive Retreats

Does your relationship need the personalised support of a clinical psychologist in an intensive format to rapidly move through gridlock and reconnect?

3 days, 2 nights 
Intensive Couples Therapy with Dr Katie Stirling

Exclusive couples therapy retreats are the perfect escape  from the day to day stressors of life, enabling you to give your relationship the attention it deserves. Utilising Gottman Method Couples Counselling, retreats offer an intensive form of relationship counselling designed to assist couples to rapidly improve communication and build connection in their relationship 

Click the link for more information on 2023 retreats  available in the following locations:

Mornington Peninsula Mornington Peninsula

Bali Bali

Queensland Queensland

Sydney Sydney

Darwin Darwin

Perth Perth

Melbourne Melbourne

Immersion Retreats

Do you want to learn all the tips and strategies from the therapy room in fun, engaging formats. Daily masterclasses with Dr Katie Stirling, curated couple experiences, luxurious activities in an idyllic setting. 

5 days, 4 nights 
Couple Retreat Dr Katie Stirling

Stirling immersion retreats offer the perfect balance of learning skills and strategies to reinvigorate your relationship, whilst enjoying shared experiences and creating life long memories. Immersion retreats give you the information, tools and strategies you need to begin making meaningful change in your relationship. As well as the opportunity to have fun, reconnect and have intimate conversations in a confidential setting.

Relax as you escape day to day stressors at a luxurious, beautiful destination. Remove the stress with all of the planning taken care of. 

Rejuvenate your relationship. Bring back the laughter and joy. Enjoy each other's company.

Reconnect with  masterclasses and activities carefully curated by Dr Katie Stirling.

Click the link below for more information on our Bali 2023 Immersion Retreats:

Bali Bali