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Couples Retreats Melbourne 

Are you tired of feeling disconnected and misunderstood?

Struggling to fit regular therapy into your schedule?

Do you need support to rapidly transform your relationship?

Our Melbourne Exclusive Retreats are perfect if you're experiencing any of the following challenges in your relationship: 

  • You’re stuck in patterns of communication that get in the way of connection and understanding.
  • Your relationship difficulties are starting to impact your work or parenting.
  • Expressing emotions is difficult for one or both of you, making it challenging to connect on a deeper level.
  • You're struggling to foster a deeper sense of connection and intimacy, longing for a more fulfilling and intimate bond.
  • The demands of daily life have made it difficult for you to give your relationship the attention it needs, leaving you feeling stuck and frustrated.

“I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship”


Rapidly Transform your Relationship over 3 days.  

Immediate Results:


Exclusive couples retreats are designed to deliver immediate results. Instead of waiting for months to see progress, you'll likely experience substantial shifts in your relationship whilst you're away. Katie believes it is important to provide you with practical tools and strategies that can be implemented from day one, empowering you to create positive change in your relationship right from the start. 

Customised Approach:


Katie understands each couple is unique, and a one-size-fits-all approach isn't effective. That's why she takes the time to develop a thorough understanding of your situation and carefully customises your retreat to address your specific challenges and aspirations. Drawing on her extensive training and a wide range of therapeutic modalities, Katie is in a unique position to tailor your experience to ensure maximum impact, guided by a deep understanding of your needs and goals.

Evidence-Backed Strategies:


Katie’s unique approach is grounded in the latest evidence-backed strategies and research. She is committed to staying at the forefront of couples therapy, incorporating proven methodologies that have successfully helped countless couples. By relying on scientific principles, you can trust that the strategies you learn on retreat have a solid foundation and are tailored to support your relationship growth and fulfilment.

Intensive Formats: 


Exclusive retreats offer flexible solutions to suit your schedule and preferences. Whether you prefer a weekend or weekday retreat you will receive the focused attention and support needed for profound transformation. Each session is thoughtfully structured to provide an intensive and immersive experience, allowing you to delve deep into your relationship dynamics and make significant progress in a condensed timeframe.

Melbourne Couples Therapy Retreat 3 days, 2 nights


Prior to your Melbourne couples retreat you will both complete a series of carefully crafted questionnaires This includes: 

  • A questionnaire designed to understand both of you as individuals, as well as your unique perspectives in your relationship.
  • The Gottman Institute's Gottman Connect Questionnaire including psychometric assessments.
  • A questionnaire curated to identify your relationship strengths, history and unique patterns of communication and connection.


Dr Katie Stirling, devotes time to integrate your assessment and form a complete understanding of you both as individuals, as well as individual perspectives in your relationship. Based on this comprehensive understanding Katie creates a thorough plan tailored to your specific relationship goals and needs.  Equipped with this information and your customised treatment plan you will jump straight in, ensuring you maximise your time away.

At the Retreat 

After you arrive at your Melbourne couples therapy retreat Katie presents her understanding of the strengths of your relationship, as well as a clear plan for addressing the areas you will strengthen over the course of your relationship retreat. 

Over the next 3 days you will complete a further 7 relationship therapy sessions.

Your couples retreat ends with a reflection on what you've learnt, identifying key tools and strategies to maintain change as you return to everyday life.

Melbourne Couples Retreats are fully booked for 2023-2024.  Spots are still available for our Bali retreats!
Don't miss out contact us to book now. 

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Are you ready to rapidly transform your relationship?

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What can you expect from your Exclusive Melbourne Couples Retreat

  • Understand how you both respond to conflict and learn strategies to de-escalate conflict.
  • Learn techniques to manage daily stressors, ensuring your relationship remains a priority.
  • Enhance intimacy and connection in your relationship.
  • Better understand your own and your partner's needs and desires, fostering empathy and deep connection.
  • Develop insights into communication patterns in your relationship and learn how to shift them.
  • Explore unresolved conflicts, using strategies that you can utilise at home.
  • Develop a better understanding of yourself and your partner.
  • Future-proof your relationship, equipping yourselves with tools to overcome challenges that may arise