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Queensland Exclusive Relationship Retreats

 Do you want to reconnect with your partner? Are you finding yourself stuck in unhelpful patterns of communication? Do you want to make some immediate changes but don't know where to start? Are you looking to rapidly improve your relationship?

Our Queensland exclusive three day relationship therapy retreats are the perfect way to escape and give your relationship the attention it deserves, with a dose of sunshine! Relax, rejuvenate, and work to transform you relationship. Our relationship therapy retreats utilise a highly intensive form of couples therapy designed to assist couples to  build connection and rapidly improve communication in their relationship. 

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Queensland Retreat Process

Queensland Relationship Retreats are facilitated by Certified Gottman Couples Therapist and Clinical Psychologist, Dr Katie Stirling. Working exclusively with Katie, over the course of your 3 day relationship therapy retreat, you will utilise an intensive form of relationship therapy sometimes referred to as Marathon Therapy. 


Before the retreat you'll complete questionnaires designed to provide a complete understanding of you as individuals and your relationship.

This includes: 

  • The Gottman Connect Questionnaire taht includes a variety of psychometric assessments.
  • A written questionnaire to understand you as an individual and your perspective in the relationship.
  • A written questionnaire about your relationship history, strengths and patterns of connection and communication.

Treatment Planning

 Prior to your relationship therapy retreat, Dr Katie Stirling, dedicates time to review your assessment.

Based on this comprehensive understanding of you as individuals and your individual perspectives in your relationship, Katie  creates a thorough treatment plan tailored to your unique relationship needs and goals. 

 Relationship Retreat Perth

Your relationship therapy retreat will begin with Katie presenting an overview of the areas you will work on strengthening over the course of your couples retreat and outlining the strengths of your relationship which you will build on in the coming days. 

You'll  complete a further 7 relationship therapy sessions over the course of the 3 days.

Your relationship therapy retreat ends by reinforcing what you've learnt and identifying tools and strategies to embed these changes as you return to every day life.

Queensland Relationship Therapy Retreats

Our Queensland relationship therapy retreats have been carefully curated to maximise your time. The relationship retreats are a 2 night/ 3 day experience. Throughout the couples retreat, you will complete 8 sessions (80 mins) of relationship therapy.

All relationship therapy retreats prices include: 

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Gold Coast

Queensland Couples Retreats are fully booked for 2023-2024.  Spots are still available for our Bali retreats!
Don't miss out contact us to book now. 

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